The Design division at LIVING IN INTERIORS is led by its cofounder Alia El Tanani, who successfully established a strong positioning for our brand within the design industry.
The Design Team at Living in interiors supports through a variety of services that can range from basic mood concepts all the way to comprehensive turnkey solutions, covering all types of spaces such as residential, commercial and public areas.

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We offer comprehensive and turn-key design services for residential, commercial and public spaces.
It is an all inclusive process that starts with the design concept and culminates with the detailed constructions-drawing phase.
International design standards are followed throughout to guarantee a professional level of consistent with leading international firms.
Driven by the vision of creative director Alia El Tanani, we infuse each project with a design that is luxurious, bespoke and unique to every client.
In this department,  alone, we have twenty dedicated interior designers. In addition, there are three specialized space planners specifically for design of offices and commercial layouts.
There are also Engineers / Architects that are specilaized in the development of concepts design, taking into consideration a wide selection of furniture, fabrics, and color schemes.
LIVING IN INTERIORS DESIGN HOUSE not only provides interior designs through its local unit but also partners with international acclaimed designers such as Giorgio Armani, Thomas Pheasant, and Eric Kuster, among others.
According to the scope of each project, LIVING IN INTERIORS DESIGN HOUSE NOT ONLY WORKS WITH THE BRANDS ITS FURNITURE HOSUE represents, but also with other international names or brands, that the client may wish to have.

At Living In Interiors, our design team conducts a comprehensive assessment of the client’s requirements for any given projects, and work closely with a team of engineers to provide an optimum solution, delivering a bespoke design that considers individual needs, while efficiency utilizing the space

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