AR-CO, a subsidiary of LIVING IN INTERIORS, is a wood manufacturing plant that provides comprehensive and customized carpentry and joinery services for our clients.
It was launched by LIVING IN INTERIORS to satisfy a major market gap in the wood industry.
With woodwork taking center stage for us over the past years,AR-CO is committed to deliver outstanding products and services to architects, designers and all other stakeholders who seek unique quality and style.

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The AR-CO plant is located in Abu Rawash, spanning over an area of 3,000 sq.m., and has two production lines; MASSIF & VENEER. Our top notch production quality goes back to our vast expertise and industry knowledge, as well as our spohisticated machinery that adopts the latest technologies and enhances our production rates, such as our automated painting machine, wood dryer, and router, as well as the turn and tilt window machine.

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