Mr. Abdelrahman M. Darwish

Living In Interiors Qatar is managed by Mr. Abdelrahman M Darwish owned by Butterfly Design Studios. He generated a joint venture along with Butterfly Design Studios, bring under one umbrella such furniture brands like Fendi Casa, Bentley Home. Trussardi Casa and others.
With over 20 years of professional experience in different sectors of business,
Mr. Abdelrahman M Darwish, a businessman who has extensive knowledge in the understanding of the corporate market, owns and manages 7 companies. He has a perfect talent in strategic thinking and planning that are needed to run any kind of business efficiently and with great success.
With Mr. Abdelrahman vision and passion to design and perfection, Living In Interiors Qatar raised to the new level, increasing the number of world-known brands under its umbrella.